About Me

My name is Nithin Joseph. I am in high school and am looking to grow my writing skills by publishing posts on this blog about my two favorite topics: technology and video games. These subjects have interested me since I was a kid, and I’m sure my interests for it will only grow from here.

Tech has been an interesting thing since I was young boy. Back in 3rd Grade, I was first amazed with PowerPoint (believe it or not) and discovered every single feature. Next, I started using Scratch for a bit. Scratch is a kid-friendly website that can be used to make games/projects using coding “blocks”. It is managed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After that craze was over, I got into Minecraft. This was when gaming and programming started to blend. At first, I was just playing the game. When I heard about mods, I started to try them out. As I used mods, read crash logs, and learned about what Java was. I also became an Administrator on another random kids server. I learned how to use commands, learned the syntax, and learned how to administrate. After a while, Minecraft got a bit stale as I was getting older. I started to experiment with different Linux distributions, and went to a club at school which taught Java. My interest in technology has taught me so many things, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to know.

Along with running this blog, I also run a YouTube channel named ElmofiedBoby. I usually post my livestreams and occasional video edits from games I play. I’m looking to expand that channel from just gaming to a channel about games, technology, and maybe a place to get feedback from videos I make. I would really appreciate it if you left a comment on my videos or blog posts to tell me how I could improve.