Is Beam actually good for streaming on Xbox One?

What is Beam?

Beam is a game streaming service, like Twitch. However, it is very different because it has the interactive element added in. There are buttons you can press that will show up on the stream if set up correctly. This helps the streamer connect well with the audience. Recently, Microsoft bought the Beam service and integrated it directly with the Xbox One platform.

Why did you use Beam?

I found out about Beam when I turned on my Xbox One to find a whole new update had been installed. In the tutorial video, I found out about Beam. Beam was directly integrated within the menus of Xbox. I was so excited that finally, there was another platform I could use other than the glitchy Twitch app. The interface went with the Xbox OS so nicely, and the overlay was non intrusive and movable. I first streamed some of the game called Paladins. It went well, and I was able to access the stream afterwards. The quality of the archived broadcast was also much better than Twitch.

What went wrong?

Later, I decided to record some Ryse: Son of Rome for a walkthrough on my YouTube channel, ElmofiedBoby. The first part went well, but the second part came up with a grave problem. After I was done streaming the second part, I went to the VODs section of my page and tried to download it. None of the buttons responded. I tried clicking watch, delete, and download, but none of them did anything. Finally, the download button took me to the next page which gave me an error. I thought maybe that was just one video, and other videos will work better. I continued to use the service despite that setback.

On the third part, the broadcast just shut itself off 10 minutes in. I didn’t even notice since I was so immersed in the gameplay, and didn’t notice the small overlay go away. It actually happened a couple times. One time it happened 40 minutes in. At that point, I became so done with Beam that I went back to using Twitch. At the time of writing this post, the broadcasts on Beam that I had not been able to download were finally working again. It took them five whole days. Honestly, I am not surprised this happened because this feature had only recently released on Xbox One. I guess they need some time to work out some bugs.


Beam is a innovative interactive streaming platform that is a great competitor to Twitch. The platform itself has no problems running on PC, but it is very new on Xbox One. The bugs make it frustrating to use on a daily basis on Xbox One, and it is recommended to wait at least a month for all of these bugs to be worked out. Other than that, this platform seems like a game changer and it gives Twitch something to worry about.